At Libera, we want to thank the hard work all the #HéroesLibera (Libera Heroes) do every day and to cover topics related to environmental issues and discussion, recycling, science, preservation, etc.

Through different contents and formats, we want to show and teach the importance of preservation and care for the environment accompanied by different experts in each area. At LIBERA, we offer training to companies. These are one-hour seminars in which we explain the ‘basuraleza’ concept (that is, litter in nature), we provide with data about its effects in natural spaces and we propose solutions.

We also count on experts at different fields lending their help to offer LIBERA Heroes their LIBERA Sessions. With them, we expect to provide with an enriching experience for everyone to put to use in the natural spaces closest to them. LIBERA Sessions are pieces of training whose contents we will extend and update regularly. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do procuring them. Here we share with you two significant examples:

  • Recycling training (1 hour + 1 hour for doubts). This training is given by Juan Ramón Meléndez, Ecoembes’ Institutional Relations ex-manager.  Over it, Meléndez offers a general vision through the recycling process in Spain across its stages, players, and outcomes.

Meléndez places value on Circular Economy as it aims to get the most from our natural resources.  Also, he talks about ecodesign (to bring together environmental criteria from the concept and development stage for each new packed product) and innovation, focusing on educational and preventive issues.

  • Environmental dissemination (1 hour + 30 min. for doubts). The renowned adviser José Luis Gallego is the lecturer for this training. Between others, he will talk about environmentalism, nature versus litter and the importance of enjoying and caring for our natural world. Nonetheless, environmental education aims to educate in values, attitudes and behaviors in favor of our surroundings.

We need to be aware that all kind of human activity has an impact, even a small one, over natural ecosystems. The solution to this issue starts with changing little gestures in our daily routine. To reduce water consumption, save electric energy, recycle packaging or not to waste food are good examples of it. To preserve and to care for nature is in our attitudes and behaviors. It’s  everyone’s task. A close look to our surroundings is enough to discover that in our closest natural space there is a huge natural diversity that we have to protect.

Did you know that 80% of the garbage in the sea comes from the mainland?

It’s in our hands to help nature get rid of the garbage that someone left and no one picked up. If you belong to an organization. Join us.

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