At The Libera Project, we aim to change habits by appealing to individual and social responsibility. Doesn’t this video perhaps remind you of something?

What is more, from the focus of participation, we work to raise awareness with campaigns like 1m2 for nature, a national citizen-based clean-up event that aims to reduce the amount of litter and waste in the environment to zero and to spread public awareness of a reality that it seems we don’t want to see.


To prevent littering abandoned on our beaches and seas during summer, Libera Project is launching several awareness campaigns. All the #HéroesLibera (Libera Heroes) can use it in their projects, collectives and the natural areas near them so that littering by the sea would be a thing of the past.

Sometimes the easiest way to change the situation is right inside us. By means of raising consciousness, Libera Project tries to bring the situation to light and break a series of habits we were unconsciously taking up. To change it, it is crucial to point out what we are used to doing. Doesn’t this video remind you of something?

LIBERA has also launched its #SeTeHaCaído (‘you dropped something’) campaign, to give visibility to the problem of littering in our natural environments. This project of Ecoembes and SEO/Birdlife seeks to call the attention of the public to the issue by comparing the reaction of some who accidentally drops their wallet with someone who drops a piece of litter.

In this way, we aim to sensitise the public to the consequences of littering, by demonstrating that solving this problem can begin with a simple gesture of responsibility, an ‘excuse me, you dropped something’.

To illustrate the consequences of littering and to show that this is not an external problem that can be ignored, we present ‘Reflections’.

In three videos dealing with different environments and waste products, this campaign aims to give visual form to #Tenemosunproblema (‘we have a problem’) and stress the fact that ‘even if it’s not your litter, it’s still your problem’.

Did you know that 80% of the garbage in the sea comes from the mainland?

It’s in our hands to help nature get rid of the garbage that someone left and no one picked up. If you belong to an organization. Join us.

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