Mobilisation against the effects of littering

‘We aim to confront the problem of littering directly, putting aside the idea that is a problem of others and making it our own’

LIBERA promotes the mobilisation and participation of citizens, so that, working together, we can succeed in changing the situation. This mobilisation is channeled through sponsorship projects, that enable associations and committed citizens to participate in the clean-up and conservation of natural areas. Eight conservation projects are now under way, led by SEO/Birdlife.

But if there is one way to make people aware through participation, it is by encouraging them to go out into our natural areas themselves and clean up the litter that should never have been left there in the first place: freeing nature, for once and for all, from the curse of litter.

This is the starting point of “1m2 for nature”, LIBERA’s first program of citizen participation in natural areas.

In addition, as a complement to ‘1m2 for nature in different coastal, terrestrial and fluvial  environments, we also develop ‘1m2 for Beaches and Seas’, ‘1m2 for Rivers, Reservoirs and Swamps” and ‘1m2 for the Countryside, Hills and Forests’ in which we collect both environmental waste and data to learn more about the origin, composition and location of the litter in nature.

Tutorial for all the 1m2 pick-ups

Learn about the steps to follow, frequently asked questions and recommendations for your organization and safety.

How to characterize the garbage found?

Get information about the garbage collection methodology, download the application and learn to use it.




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