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‘1m2 is a concept that accompanies us at LIBERA as an engine of citizen collaboration to clean up our common home, i.e. nature. It reflects the idea that, with our combined effort, we can obtain a large number of clean square metres and achieve a great impact in our natural environment’

1m2 for nature is collaborative, nationwide clean-up event held in the month of June. However, 1m2 also focuses separately on three specific ecosystems –land, river and marine– in qualitative data collection studies that form part of our citizen science project.



9 – 17 March, 2019

Lamentably, our rivers, lakes, reservoirs, marshlands, that is to say, all of our inland water ecosystems, are suffering from the effects of littering. And so we are dedicating one week, in the month of March, specifically to collecting data on these areas which will serve as the basis for sensitisation programs to prevent the accumulation of litter. If you know of some collective that may be interested in participating, please do not hesitate to contact us at

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15 June, 2019


1m2 for nature is, once more, a large national citizen-based clean-up event promoted by LIBERA, a day in which we seek to clean and raise awareness of the littering problem in Spanish natural spaces. On June 16th, 2018, this campaign’s second edition joined 11,000 people together to collect 80 tonnes of garbage from natural spaces.

Thanks to each and every one of you, you are Libera’s backbone, #HéroesLibera!

If you could not take part in this action, do not worry, soon there will be a new call for the next event: “1m2 for beaches and seas“, which will take place in December on your nearest maritime environment, contribute to Libera Project and set nature free of garbage.

We hope this event makes you feel excited once more and that you will become a part of setting nature free from littering with our next activities. Here we show you what this “1m2 for nature” has meant for some of our Libera Heroes.

What was 17 June, 2017 like?

1m2 for nature was the first national citizens’ event to be promoted by LIBERA, a single day to clean up litter from the natural areas of our country. In response to our call for action, on the 17th of June we took to the mountains, to the beaches, to the natural area nearest to us in a drive to reduce the litter and waste there to zero.

With one small gesture, working together, we were able to accomplish something very great for our planet. For the first time, thousands of people were allied and coordinated to clean up our natural environment.

We continue to collaborate day after day so that there is less and less litter to clean up and more and more clean natural areas to enjoy.


The clean-up project was a great success.
On that 17th of June, thousands of people demonstrated that, when we work together, we are able to achieve great things.

We demonstrated that, while cleaning 1m2 may itself appear to be of little relevance, the sum total of all our cleaned square metres reflects the great impact that this had on our natural environment. Thanks to the participation of all of you who joined together for this project. Without your enthusiasm, your commitment and your square metres, it would not have been possible.


28 September – 6 October, 2019

Organisations, collectives, NGOs and associations connected with our marine and coastal environments, whether professional, environmental, community or university groups… collaborate to define the scope of the litter problem in these areas. We have just concluded the past year’s study, and will be waiting for you at the end of the summer this year to continue adding to the knowledge we have gathered together. If you belong to an organisation that might be interested in participating, please let us know by contacting us at:

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7- 15 December, 2019


Land-based sources of marine litter have reached a percentage of 80%. Whether this comes from agriculture, livestock farming, tourism, sports activities or simply living, waste continues to be generated in these areas. Until we have all become fully aware, more data must be collected in these countryside, forest and mountain areas to determine the origin of this litter and be able to develop projects of environmental awareness and sensitisation.

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If you are committed to your forest, your mountain, your path, your field … We are looking for you.

Join us to gather information about the garbage found in these natural areas. Help us. Help yourself.

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