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We are a call to action, a collective movement to free nature from litter, and, in so doing, to free more of life in favour of biodiversity. LIBERA represents a comprehensive approach to this issue, divided into three broad areas of action: awareness, prevention and participation.


To tackle the great problem of litter in our natural areas (which in Spanish we have given the name basuraleza = ‘littered nature’), we need to know more about how much of it there is, its composition, origin, tendencies, areas of accumulation and so on. We will thus be able to identify effective solutions for its prevention. One area of LIBERA is wholly dedicated to raising awareness of this problem. Through this area, we collaborate with NGOs and universities to develop methods and innovative tools, such as citizen science, to increase our knowledge of the various land, sea and river ecosystems.


This is the area in which we aim to change habits, inform and educate about caring for and respecting our natural areas.

By producing educational and training materials, we transmit to schools the necessity of working together to stop the problem of litter. At the same time, the development of awareness and sensitisation campaigns will help us to show the effect that the dumping of waste has on the environment and the role that each of us has in preventing it.


Citizen participation is one of the keys for ending the problem of litter (basuraleza). Through a diversity of collaborative actions, we aim to put citizens in direct contact with this problem in the ecosystem itself, making them see the need in our natural areas to pick up what others have thrown away and never bothered to remove. 1m2 for nature is an example of how working together in the countryside for just one day –translated into the total of all the square metres we manage to free from litter– can have a great impact on our natural environment.

Did you know that 80% of the garbage in the sea comes from the mainland?

It’s in our hands to help nature get rid of the garbage that someone left and no one picked up. If you belong to an organization. Join us.

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