Learn about each of our campaigns

At LIBERA, we work on different types of environmental campaigns: environmental awareness and sensitisation campaigns, campaigns to raise awareness of littering and its role in climate change. As well as environmental volunteering campaigns.

Below you can find all the actions we are involved in. Take a look and get more information on the one that motivates you the most to join our fight against litter and climate change and to preserve natural spaces.

Don't litter

We're changing the bad habits we have acquired so far to keep nature free from litter. Take the message further with our prevention campaigns in different areas of activity: rural settings, butts left on the ground, river environments, seaports, tyres, masks, summer parties, etc.

Where litter ends up

We shed light on how unfortunately far away litter can spread, and the consequences of its passage through various ecosystems. We work in spaces like roadsides, streams and ravines, drains, and others.


We collect data and waste to understand the scope of the problem, raise awareness and try to solve it. We encourage you to participate with us in our cleanups in different settings: rivers, lakes, reservoirs, beaches, seas, fields, forests and mountains.


We showcase how litter is not an external problem to be ignored under the slogan #WeHaveAProblem in different environments such as water, beaches or mountains.

LIBERA Notoriety

We showcase the problem of litter by offering a solution through our area of activity. We promote the LIBERA brand, born out of a passionate love for nature, and raise awareness of it through the media. Our main campaigns are: "Stop litter - 12 months 12 causes" and "We are Liberators".

Birds and nature

We report on the highly negative impact that litter has on birds. Raise awareness with us. Our studies deal with "The effect of litter on birds" and "Balearic shearwater: the most threatened marine bird in Europe".