One of our specific targets, as they represent both the present and the future, is children as well as teenagers. At LIBERA we want to contribute to the sensitization of schoolchildren through Libera Classrooms and future professionals through their Universities educating about the littering problem and, through them, to the community as a whole. This is done, on the one hand, by involving them in debris clean-up programs, through which they may become aware of their role in caring for the environment and, on the other, by promoting certain concepts, such as the sponsorship of natural areas, in which they assume the direct responsibility of caring for and conserving natural areas.

We operate in secondary schools all over Spain to raise awareness and allow teenagers to experience first-hand the meaning and consequences of caring for a natural area. Under the auspices of the Red Cross, we visit schools, provide assessment and educational methodology that create a feeling of involvement and integration among young people throughout the entire course of the project, one which they themselves will be developing.

Our goals are clear. First of all, we want to encourage respect towards the environment, aiming to walk together towards a more sustainable development, decreasing the quantity of waste. Secondly, we want the students to become involved in the conservation of natural spaces, their flora, and fauna and to provide with the tools needed for future generations to make decisions in favor of Sustainable Development Goals.

We are present at the classrooms since 2018 with the project LIBERA Classrooms, our new educative proposal that eases the access to prevention and respect towards the environment to every educational center that wants to adhere to the program. This educational project wants to train elementary school and secondary school students so that they understand the real dimension of the ‘basuraleza’ issue, that is, littered nature and help them become the solution with four clean-up programs LIBERA organizes during the school year. These calls will show students the consequences of leaving litter on natural spaces. On top of that, they will contribute to the project gathering data during the cleaning expedition to propose efficient solutions regarding the problems around them.

In addition, we also educate in different Spanish Universities about ‘basuraleza’ to make future graduated aware of this issue, turning the concern for the environment into something inherent to every discipline. This way, we offer the training ‘Basuraleza’: solutions to the environmental catastrophe to every university for the students to embrace respect towards the environment both at a personal level and a professional one. With this program we communicate the importance of the biodiversity conservation, we talk about the littering situation within the legal and sociological framework and the solutions to this problem, from its study, its prevention and mobilization.

¿Sabías que el 80% de la basura que acaba en el océano procede de origen terrestre?

Está en nuestras manos echarle una mano a la naturaleza para librarse de la basura que alguien abandonó y nadie recogió. Si perteneces a una organización o conoces a alguna, infórmale. Súmate.

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