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Environmental pollution is an ever more alarming issue. At LIBERA we are fully aware of this problem and we work for the natural spaces to have information at hand as well as the necessary resources to convince users to dispose of waste conscientiously, rather than litter the environment.

It is estimated that the pollution caused by the debris on terrestrial areas is even more significant than the pollution in marine environments. To be more precise, several studies suggest that the microplastics in terrestrial spaces could be between 4 and 28 times greater than the amount in the oceans where, as of today, they are almost uncountable. In fact, most of the ‘basuraleza’ -that is, litter in natural spaces- that arrives at the sea has previously been on solid ground. This is why preserving our environment is of the utmost importance.

At LIBERA Project we have every intention to contribute to the sensitization and prevention of the ‘basuraleza’ problem. To fight this scourge, we work with Public Administrations and offer different resources to all the Autonomous Communities of Spain.

One the one hand, regarding the workers in charge of the Natural Spaces, we place at their disposal all the information about the project and the problems derived from littering. We also train workers at the environmental interpretation centers, in direct contact with the people visiting these spaces.  We also train environmental scientists and rangers, and environmental technicians and we provide with different materials to make the public aware of the preservation and respect towards the natural spaces. We evaluate whether to implement information and signposting in the main natural and national parks in each region to prevent littering in these areas. Among other measures, we provide with external signposting, explanatory posters about this issue and other materials to make the public aware of the issue.

Among all our initiatives, it is worth highlighting the Program ‘Sponsorship of Natural Spaces’, whose main goal is to sponsor and support actions for the improvement of our natural areas’ environmental quality together with non-governmental, non-profit organizations. Thanks to this initiative, different associations and groups (environmental, sports groups, etc), will be provided with counsel, monitoring, training and an endowment of up to 1,500 euros to improve the conservation state of a natural space.

This year, the recipients are 80 projects LIBERA has selected from the 176 national projects who submitted their case. This way, specific actions will be put into practice to improve the environmental health of these ecosystems and stop this issue. Some of the actions we have taken are the clean-up, classification and recycling of the debris at the Doñana Natural Space protected areas, construction, and placement of nest boxes for bats in Almería and programming of Environmental Education in different areas around Spain.

Did you know that 80% of the garbage in the sea comes from the mainland?

It’s in our hands to help nature get rid of the garbage that someone left and no one picked up. If you belong to an organization. Join us.

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